We educate people for tomorrow's world.

We educate people for tomorrow's world.

Dental technology

The College of Education and Therapy offers 3-year vocational studies in dental technology. Graduates of the studies receive a Bachelorʼs degree. The choice of subjects taught during the course ensures that in eight semesters students acquire attractive qualifications and a wide scope of practical skills to be fully prepared for the future job. Our College puts special emphasis on teaching practical skills in prosthetic and orthodontic techniques. The classes take place in fully equipped dental labs and each student is required to complete practical placement.

During the last semester students of all forms of studies sit a diploma examination which includes a theoretical and practical examination as well as they defend their Bachelor thesis. Such disciplines as prosthetics, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry all rely on dental technicians.

The studies are carried out in accordance with the teaching standards adopted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the field of dental technology.

These studies prepare specialists with extensive theoretical knowledge on the structure, functions, diseases and rehabilitation of the stomatognathic system, modern technologies and modern materials in prosthetics and orthodontics. An essential part of the education is also acquiring knowledge in the area of social sciences, law, economics, organisation and management in health care.

Graduates of undergraduate studies in dental technology will be able to solve professional problems, will be able to collect, process and use data on the basis of latest information technologies and a widely defined co-operation within a dental team. Graduates will also have a comprehensive knowledge which will help them in an appropriate choice of materials, methods and structure of prosthetic restoration, including special prostheses – splints, obturators, extraoral prostheses and orthodontic appliances used in dental rehabilitation and prophylaxis.

Graduates of dental technology studies, with a good theoretical and practical education, will know how to increase their qualifications by using the latest achievements of modern dental prosthetics. Our graduate will find employment in healthcare centres, dental laboratories as well as in education. The graduates of undergraduate studies can continue their education in postgraduate (Masterʼs) studies in other related areas, both at medical and technical universities.


As part of the curriculum of studies, the College offers an extended programme of practical classes through the possibility of participating in professional training confirmed with a certificate or diploma as part of the studies. They relate to the following subjects:

  • elastic prostheses made from thermoplastic materials with the use of thermal injection technology;
  • modern composites used in prosthetic fillings;
  • non-clamps dentures made with the use of precise retention elements;
  • ceramic veneers and all ceramic crowns and bridges as fillings of highest aesthetic qualities;
  • Teeth whitening splints, relaxing splints, surgical and orthodontic template tracings as well as mouth guards made by thermoforming;
  • computer technology in dental technology, that is virtual designing and milling of prostheses CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing);
  • and much more techniques used in modern prosthetics and orthodontics.

By undertaking co-operation with well-known prosthetic companies:

  • we have extended the curriculum of studies to include the teaching programme of the Rhein Academy  which cooperates with schools all over Europe. As part of the Rhein Academy, the Rhein’83 company has prepared a teaching programme of lectures and training courses in the field of application of modern, precise retention elements (clamps, clips etc.) for dental prostheses. They eliminate the need to use unsightly clamps, improve the fixing of prostheses in the oral cavity and significantly improve the comfort of use. Students will be able to use the sets which the company will provide for the College to prepare prostheses which go beyond the curriculum.
  • We organize trainings with the Natrodent company. The company is a technical and commercial representative of the most prominent producers of professional equipment and materials used in prosthetics and dentistry. Among other producers and manufacturers, there are AmannGirrbach (CAD/CAM systems, articulation), DDS-Pro (software for designing surgical templates using CT and scanned models as well as 3D printers). The Natrodent company seeks for new technologies and solutions on international markets, and successfully introduces them to the Polish market.
  • as a part of the studies, 3Shape carries out CAD/CAM training. The company offers to train students in the latest computer technologies in dental technology. They involve computer-aided design (CAD) and then cutting ceramic prostheses with specialist milling devices (CAM).


Dental technology studies meet the expectations for modern solutions in designing prostheses, orthodontic braces and implants. The development of the society, longer life expectancy and increased comfort of life are possible thanks to scientific and technological progress. Higher awareness of the society in terms of the possibilities of modern medicine and engineering contributes to a growing demand for implants and prostheses.

The makers of prostheses, orthodontic braces and implants are expected to demonstrate knowledge including basic medicine, dentistry, materials engineering, mechanics and other related sciences. The complexity of these structures requires highly qualified staff with extensive skills exceeding the areas of dentistry and materials engineering.

Dental technology studies aim to prepare the graduates to meet these challenges.

During the programme students will become familiar from the medical and engineering points of view with the basics of prosthetic and orthodontic techniques and the principles of designing, manufacturing and repairing of prostheses and orthodontic braces. Students will learn not only the basic problems of biomechanics in dental techniques, implantology, physiotherapy of stomatognathic system and dental prophylaxis, but also basics of social sciences, law, economics and management.

Acquiring the skills to solve professional problems will enable students to undertake work in healthcare centres or to run their own dental laboratories.