We educate people for tomorrow's world.

We educate people for tomorrow's world.

Bachelor Programmes

Undergraduate studies for foreigners last three years (six semesters). Throughout the  whole length of studies each student undertakes several practical placements. The course finishes with a diploma examination and graduates obtain a Bachelorʼs degree.

Undergraduate studies at the College of Education and Therapy are an opportunity to:

  • acquire higher education in eight semesters,
  • start a professional career and continue education with postgraduate (Masterʼs) studies or postgraduate diploma programme,
  • acquire broad specialist knowledge,
  • gain valuable skills through practical placement.


The College of Education and Therapy delivers modules specified by the education standards of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for undergraduate studies. The curricula include general education subjects, elementary subjects, special education subjects , specialist subjects and foreign languages.


The ECTS system is used in the College of Education and Therapy in Poznań in all offered programmes of study.

ECTS credits assigned to a given subject, expressed as a numerical value, are a measure of a workload a student needs in order to credit the subject. The credits are a relative measure of a student’s workload, as they describe what part of the overall work in a given academic year can be allocated to a given subject in a given field of study to which a certain number of credits is allocated.

The credits are awarded by an academic teacher following the conformation of the achievement of learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences assumed by a given subject.

European Credit Transfer System has been introduced in order to facilitate recognition of periods of study taking place in a partner institution (including an institution abroad) by a transfer of credits in the home institution.