We educate people for tomorrow's world.

We educate people for tomorrow's world.


The College of Education and Therapy offers 3-year higher vocational studies, with a practical profile in the area of cosmetology. Graduates of these studies receive a bachelorʼs degree. The choice of subjects taught during the course ensures that during six semesters of study students acquire attractive qualifications and a wide scope of practical skills.

The objective of cosmetology studies is to train specialists-cosmetologists with an extensive theoretical and practical knowledge to enable them to perform selected cosmetic procedures (including skin revitalisation, anti-ageing procedures and skin improvement), select cosmetics and identify their application on the basis of pharmacological knowledge as well as the use devices used in cosmetic procedures. As part of the course, students acquire practical skills in the area of improvement of physiological condition of the body and work in close co-operation with medical staff (dermatologist, alergologist, plastic surgeon) during skin care procedures performed on diseased skin. Graduates can find employment not only in beauty salons, but also in cosmetic laboratories, cosmetic departments of pharmacies and centres of sports recovery. Professional knowledge also allows them to organise, establish, equip and run a cosmetic practice.

In response to the demands of the market the College embraces new technologies and innovations in cosmetology. We co-operate with companies manufacturing and distributing modern cosmetics and equipment. Training courses and cosmetic presentations take place thanks to co-operation with such cosmetic brands as Clarena, Farmona, Fenice, Yasumi, Vanite and Blomdhal.

The launching of the cosmetology programme at the College of Education and Therapy in Poznań and introduction of certified workshops and seminars, apart from the basic curriculum of studies, is a response to changing challenges of the labour market. There is a growing demand for specialists in cosmetology, health care and beauty in Poland. The market of cosmetic products and services has recently been one of the most dynamic in Poland and in the world. The number of beauty salons, spas and fitness clubs is increasing. They answer to a growing demand for this kind of service.

Cosmetic treatments these days are much more difficult than they used to be. Apart from popular procedures, most beauty salons offer specialist treatments which require professional knowledge certified by diplomas. Professionals looking after the health and beauty of other people must have sound medical knowledge in anatomy, physiology, biology, dermatology and civilisation-related diseases.

By taking part in workshops and seminars:

  • you will get four additional certificates with your graduation diploma,
  • you will get to know modern devices used in physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine thanks to modern training rooms and highly qualified staff running practical classes in cosmetology lab,
  • you will meet specialists such as cosmetologists, dermatologists, physicians in aesthetic medicine, biotechnologists, physiotherapists.