We educate people for tomorrow’s world.

We educate people for tomorrow’s world.

Postgraduate certificate programmes

The advantages of postgraduate certificate programmes at the College of Education and Therapy:

  • lecturers with real-life experience,
  • a student-friendly organisation of studies,
  • attractive, modern fields of study,
  • support from the head of studies,
  • a convenient system of payment in instalments.

Discounts for graduates

The College of Education and Therapy appreciates students who decided to continue their studies in our College. Details of discounts in fees are specified in the “Galilea Club” loyalty programme.

The College offers the following postgraduate certificate programmes:

  • Physiotherapy in geriatrics
  • Physiotherapy in paediatrics
  • Physiotherapy in sport
  • Holistic perinatal care
  • Massage in sports recovery
  • Medical personal trainer
  • Introduction to neureorehabilitation methods
  • Soft tissue manual therapy
  • Early intervention and support for the child’s development

The students of postgraduate certificate programmes at the College of Education and Therapy are supported by a co-ordinator – a person responsible for the organisation of the teaching process, who is present from the recruitment, through the selection of teaching staff, supervision of the curriculum implementation to the graduation ceremony. The co-ordinator updates information available online, informs students on an on-going basis about any matters related to the studies, is available during the sessions and on other dates and can be contacted by phone and email.