We educate people for tomorrow's world.

We educate people for tomorrow's world.


The College of Education and Therapy is one of the non-public higher education institutions in Poland offering postgraduate (Master’s) physiotherapy studies.

Original curriculum of postgraduate studies with the additional postgraduate certificate programme provides additional opportunities of professional development during the studies.


If you choose Master’s studies with an additional programme, you get:

  • a postgraduate certificate programme without additional fees, adjusted to the schedule of traditional postgraduate (Master’s) studies,
  • additional skills after 2 years of studies, confirmed with a postgraduate certificate,
  • extended knowledge e.g. in anatomy, physiology of the nervous system, symptoms of disorders of the nervous system, neurological tests, principles of neurological physiotherapy of children and adults, methods of work with a patient with neurological problems, selected diseases of the central nervous system and extended knowledge that helps to plan and run a personal training e.g. in modern forms of personal training, functional assessment of a client, various types of exercises using specialized equipment as well as the weight of one’s body,
  • contacts with doctors, specialists and physiotherapists as well as personal trainers.

Postgraduate studies guarantee acquiring extended knowledge in prevention, diagnostics and therapy in all areas of physical medicine, kinesitherapy and massage.