Dołącz do społeczności WSEiT.

Dołącz do społeczności WSEiT.

Fizjoterapia w języku angielskim

College of Education and Therapy offers international undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy programmes taught entirely in English. Both programmes are  fully accessible to  students of all nationalities from all over the world. Graduates obtain recognized higher education diplomas and are presented with either a Bachelor or Master degree in physiotherapy respectively of the level of their previous education.

Physiotherapy is a varied and interesting profession where you will combine practical work with scientific reasoning and the ability to present your  empathy . As a physiotherapist you will meet many types of patients and just as many different disorders, all requiring  unique individualized approach. Your primary motivation  should be the urge to help people.

To become a successful physiotherapist you need to like working with people making contact with them. You should be disciplined, systematic, and show a true passion for medical subjects. Most physiotherapists are enterprising, sportive and energetic persons. They have wide interests and strong social skills.

Our physiotherapy programmes are unique in that they are practice oriented offering  a well-balanced mixture of manual therapy, special methods as well as in-depth analysis of the conditions that  patients may present. We offer our students personal approach both in teaching and   counseling them in everything they need to successfully graduate.

If you are looking for an  interesting global career in healthcare and  you would like to enable people to improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life and you wish to get the knowledge from the team of true specialists College of Education and Therapy is the place to be.

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